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What to do if you wish to purchase property in Panama?

What are the rights and duties of Purchasing party and the Selling Party within the Promise to Purchase Contract and in the Purchase itself?

How to safely purchase property in Panama?

How to purchase a property through a Corporation or a Panama PIF (Private Interest Foundation)?

Aspects of being considered to take advantage of your investment fully

All of these aspects must be considered when performing an investment. Delvalle & Delvalle possesses attorneys specialized in Commercial Law, dedicated to redacting the contracts necessary to acquire or sell property in Panama.

  • Financial Planning; how to protect your assets.
  • Tax-sensitive guidance to help clients reach and implement commercial decisions and corporate strategies while incurring minimum tax liabilities.
  • Contract Negotiation, Redaction, and Revision
  • Property Title Investigation.
  • Corporative and Property Consulting;

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