Panama International Business Company

Why a Company in Panama?

Panama International Business Company

The Law 32 of 1927, which regulates the Panama Companies offers exceptional treatment and unique prerogatives, making them favorable not only to Panamanians but also to foreigners that need a juridical figure to execute their overseas commercial and business activities.

Our Panamanian Companies can be used worldwide as long as their commercial activities are by the Law and good customs.

Panama Companies have many beneficial characteristics, such as:

  • The registration process can be done without the physical presence of the interested parties.
  • The confidentiality and anonymity of the shareholders of the company.
  • Tax exemption for overseas activities.
  • Low-cost expenses of incorporation.
  • Low maintenance costs.

Why a Company in Panama?

Owner of any Assets or Properties

A Panamanian  Company can be the titleholder of assets worldwide, such as bonds/stocks, values, shares from other companies, real estate, aircraft, yachts and vessels, aircraft, and more.

If a Panamanian Company is the owner of any overseas assets, all these properties will have special protection because they are considered separate assets from the shareholders’ proprietorship in Panama.

A Panamanian  Company can be the owner of vessels and yachts, even if they are not registered in the Panamanian Marine Mercantile. They can be in any other country in the world. Another advantage is that all the incomes from their foreign activities are tax exempt.

Holding Companies

Is a company that owns a majority or a group of other companies. It is a company that does not produce services for itself because it comprises shares of its owned companies.

A Panamanian  Company can be used as a holding of other Panamanian Companies or other foreign companies from any country in the world and even from other different juridical figures.

This type of corporation reduces the owner’s risks and guarantees the control of those companies.

It is advantageous to organize a group of business assets. They offer financial and tax advantages because all the dividends are distributed directly to the holding, reducing the taxes that have to be paid from the shareholders.

They also help extend the business activities from the affiliate companies, reduce costs, and canalize the resources that need to be invested in these companies. 

Asset Protection

Panama Companies are used to protect family-related, personal, or commercial proprietorship because of their high level of privacy and anonymity.

Bank Account Management

Panamanian Corporation allows you to open a commercial or merchant bank account in Panama and every country in the World. Still, for this last matter, all the corporation’s documents must be apostilled or legalized by the Consulate of the country where you will be opening the bank account.

Owners of Commercial License, Trademark and Patents

Panama Companies, formed specifically to hold intangible assets such as patents, copyrights, and trademarks, are very efficient when transferring valuables from owner to owner. Rather than selling patents or trademark rights, for example, buyers merely acquire the share of the existing corporation and all the assets it holds.