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Retired investor

Permanent Resident Visa

All of these visas give a right to indefinite permanence or “residence” in the National Panamanian Territory.

After a two (2) year term, the applicant may opt for a permanent residency, except for the cases in which the current regulations, special laws and agreements establish something different.

Foreigners that enter the national territory, that are retired from an active business life and that earn a minimum income of two thousand dollars (US$2,000.00) per month the source of which is exclusively a product of the interest of a fixed deposit account in the Banco Nacional de Panamá or the Caja de Ahorros, which is completely unburdened in any nature, which will be for a minimum of five (5) years.


  • Police and Criminal Records, issued in the place of residence for the last two (2) years, duly stamped, sealed and authenticated by a Panamanian consulate.
  • Original passport with a minimum of 6 months left of validity.
  • Four (4) carnet sized pictures.
  • A certification from the Banco Nacional de panamá or the Caja de Ahorros, that states the amount of the fixed deposit account, the interest generated by it, its duration and that it is completely unburdened.
  • A Bank authenticated copy of the fixed deposit certificate.

In case of dependents:

  • The investment must be incremented by two thousand dollars (US$2,000.00) for each dependent, which may be justified with a local bank reference letter.
  • Marriage and birth certificates for any children under the age of twenty five (25) that depend on the applicant, duly sealed and authenticated by a Panamanian Consulate.
  • A letter of responsibility for the dependents. (Model provided by Delvalle & Delvalle)

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