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Benefits of the Panama Pacifico Special Economic Zone

In today’s competitive, global economy, your business needs to take advantage of every advantage that could lead to higher levels of success. Panama Pacifico is a Special Economic Zone that offers unrivaled benefits for businesses.

Tax Benefits of Panama Pacifico

Many businesses establish themselves at Panama Pacifico because of the area’s tax benefits. Some of the advantages that you get include
  • Exemptions from taxes, levies, and other fees on items in the Panama Pacifico
  • No sales tax
  • No taxes for industrial or commercial licenses
  • Exemption from registration taxes
  • Exemption from taxes and other fees related to moving or storing fuels

Immigration Benefits of Panama Pacifico

Immigration can cause big problems for multi-national companies. Panama Pacifico simplifies the process with an onsite office that handles all work permits and visas. You and your employees might also qualify for worker visas and special investor visas. Visas from Panama Pacifico even include rights that extend to immediate family members.

Labor Benefits at Panama Pacifico

Panama Pacifico makes it easier for you to train and retain your employees. When you establish yourself at Panama Pacifico, you gain access to
  • A higher education center for training employees
  • An onsite location for the Ministry of Labor
At Panama Pacifico, you can also stay open on Sundays and holidays, enjoy fixed overtime rates, and avoid managing the size of your staff without legal obstacles.

Is Panama Pacifico Right for You?

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