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Deposits in Bank Accounts in Panama to save taxes

Banking allows companies to make use of the banking services of entities outside of their country of residence to open bank accounts, time deposits, investments, etc. This is an extremely profitable option for those who want to improve the quality of their investments without eliminating anonymity, credit cards, security and safe political and economic environments.

Bank accounts in Panama are characterized not only by their easy incorporation and by being bound by banking secrecy but also by the many tax exemptions they offer. Funds deposited in bank accounts enjoy total exemption from tax as well as the income generated by these funds provided they come from abroad.

Money or dividends deposited into these accounts and which source is not the country of origin of the depositary are completely tax exempt. Interests, dividends or increases in equity are also free from deductions and taxes.

However, the tax benefits are not the only benefit of bank accounts in Panama. Here are some other features that make it extremely attractive to open these accounts:

Strict bank secrecy laws.

No information of the bank account or the shareholders or account signatories is disclosed. These data may only be required when a person is accused of taking part in a wrongful act or when the client has tax processes in their country of origin and the country where the bank has some kind of agreement to exchange tax information with the country of origin of the signatory on the account.

Monetary, legal and political stability allows deposit and withdrawal of money whenever you want.

This is a very attractive advantage for those who conduct their business in countries with political instability and run the risk that their assets may be frozen or seized.

Panamanian bank accounts are extremely flexible.

You can make international transactions from anywhere and use anonymous credit cards for extreme versatility. The bank account funds will be accessible through credit and debit cards, checks, online banking or showing up personally in the bank.

You can own a bank account in Panama and other countries with multiple currencies.

A resident agent is required to open an bank account for safety, privacy and speed.

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