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Who Manages PIFs & How Are They Managed?

Private Interest Foundations are interesting legal entities with numerous benefits. Since PIF´s do not have owners, but beneficiaries, you might wonder who manages them and how they are managed. There are numerous roles within the PIF that can contribute to asset...

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Panama Offshore Private Foundation

Panama Offshore Private Foundations, also known as Panama Private Interest Foundations or PPIFs, are similar to offshore corporations and offshore trusts. There are, however, some differences that you should know about before deciding to set up your own Panama...

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Panama Offshore Company 

If you have thought about forming a Panama offshore company, then it will behoove you to know some basic information about the laws that regulate offshore companies in Panama. You will find that the laws usually benefit offshore corporations much more than the...

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Panama Offshore Bank

Where you choose to keep your money really does matter, especially when you’re setting up an offshore account that needs to protect your assets. Using a Panama offshore bank offers benefits that accounts in many other countries cannot compete with. Since Panama has a...

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