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Working Individuals: Many of our clients work as employees in companies and turn to our services to open a bank account in a jurisdiction that provides financial security and that facilitates the deposit of their savings to form their own capital-based business in the future or to keep their assets in a safe place.

Retirees – Conservation of Patrimony: Clients with patrimonies that they have accumulated for many years and wish to keep them under the highest legal security and confidentiality levels, thereby ensuring the transfer of said patrimonies in a secure manner to future generations.

Entrepreneurs: Proactive people who wish to open their own business and choose a jurisdiction that offers fiscal and tax advantages that their countries of origin may not offer.

Solo Traders/ Importers / Exporters: Clients dedicated to the purchasing and sale, import, and export of commercial products on a global scale, that wish to incorporate their businesses under Panama Laws and open bank accounts to carry out payments to providers and receive payments from their clients, easily, taking advantage of the financial and banking security of the country and the use of the Dollar as the national currency in circulation.

Small and Medium Enterprises: Enterprises that wish to expand their businesses in Latin America need a presence in Panama to use a HUB to further their ends.

Multinational Companies: Companies with a presence in different parts of the world view Panama as a country with limitless possibilities and incentives and decide to incorporate branches or subsidiaries of their companies as invoicing centers or to establish an office here and seek out new business opportunities in our country.

Intermediaries: Currently, we have correspondents in many different countries, law firms, and companies that trust us to make transactions for their most trusted clients, using our offices as a vehicle to offer their clients Panama’s Legal Services.


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