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Trademark Registration

Thanks to its favorable geographical location, Panama has transformed into one of the most important strategic centers for worldwide patent and trademark registration. This, along with the vigorous commercial activity of the Colon Free Zone and the fact that Panama is a well-known center for trademark registration and protection treaties, makes it very favorable for the owner of the brand to register it in Panama, not only for the brand's safeguarding but for its use as well.

What is the required documentation to register a Trademaker in Panama?

1. A photocopy of the petitioner's passport.

2. Power of attorney for Delvalle & Delvalle (we can provide the template)

3. Detailed explanation of brand management to categorize it under the international classification for products and services.

4. Brand logo/identity.

Time Frame:

The process takes about 2 months to be completed. Once the request has been presented to the authorities, the trademark is protected retroactively.


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