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Offshore Companies (IBC)

An Offshore Company is an artificial person or legal entity created under the authority of the law and capable of rights and obligations.

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Introduction to Banking Services

Panama is considered one of the most important financial centers of the world. Panama is gifted with the presence of many international banks as well as local banks.

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Offshore Private Foundations (PIF)

A Private Interest Foundation (PIF) is a legal entity wherein a person, denominated as Founder, transfers or donates goods and assets to a Foundation

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Limited Liability Companies (LLCS)

Its main and most important characteristic is that the responsibility of the partners is restricted exclusively to the capital provided by each one.

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Panama Offshore Corporations and their many tax benefits

Panama offshore corporationsPanama offshore corporationsHigh tax rates can damage companies to the point of making it impossible for them to meet their financial goals and prevent their growth. In this sense, tax havens have become. In this sense, tax havens have become the protagonists of the last decades due not only to the facilities for investment and confidentiality but to their legal and tax system that allows individuals or corporations that spend their money on these large territories to enjoy tax benefits.

Panama offshore corporations are the most widely used business option for those pressured by their country's tax policies. They seek the more lenient tax policies of tax havens so their profits won’t diminish. Thanks to Panama’s unique geographical location and highly attractive tax system, Panama offshore corporations became a legal remedy used by those who wish to pay less taxes when doing business.

Panama offshore corporations don’t have to make the annual presentation of their accounts, so they don’t have to pay accounting or auditing costs. However, that’s not all. These companies do not have to pay the value added tax (VAT), a tax that has grown significantly in Latin American countries, nor tax from the proceeds from the sale of products or services performed abroad. These tax benefits are accompanied by exemption from:

  • Tax on share capital.
  • Tax on overseas property.
  • Taxes on the issue of corporate shares, whether they are bearer or registered shares.
  • Taxes on inheritances
  • Taxes on capital gains.
  • State taxes.
  • Taxes on dividends from abroad.
  • Taxes on interest earned on bank deposits.
  • Stamp duty.

This way, Panama offshore corporations have become a legitimate resource to reduce tax burdens, which can make your business a more profitable venture and increase it growth and expansion opportunities without incurring in illegalities. We recommend seeking the advice of a registered Panama City attorney on panama offshore corporations. Our firm, Delvalle & Delvalle, offers comprehensive legal services so you that you can incorporate your Panama offshore corporation and start enjoying the many benefits that our country has to offer you and your company.

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