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Offshore Companies (IBC)

An Offshore Company or International Business Company (IBC) is an artificial person or legal entity created under the authority of the law and capable of rights and obligations. It has a capital stock divided into shares and stockholders are liable only to extend of their contributions.

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Offshore Private Foundations (PIF)

A Private Interest Foundation (PIF) is a legal entity wherein a person, denominated as Founder, transfers or donates goods and assets to a Foundation (which is a juridical person subject to rights and duties) the purpose being asset protection and administration in benefit of a beneficiary, who may be the founder or a third party.

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Limited Liability Companies (LLCS)

A Limited Liability Company (LLC) is a business corporation in which the social capital is divided in social shares with a value equal to or different from that of the partners. Its main and most important characteristic is that the responsibility of the partners is restricted exclusively to the capital provided by each one.

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Offshore Bank Accounts

An Offshore Bank Account is now days, a quick, inexpensive entry to foreign investment opportunities and other benefits.

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Offshore Vessel and Yacht Registration

By eliminating property restrictions, Panama now holds one of the largest Marine Mercantile Fleets in the world.

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Real Estate & Investment Council

What to do if you wish to purchase property in Panama?

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Trademark Registration

Thanks to its favorable geographical location, Panama has transformed into one of the most important strategic centers for worldwide patent and trademark registration.

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