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1. Panama still has strict laws to preserve secrecy, in regards of revealing who are the shareholders and/or signatories of the accounts.
Is worth mentioned that the only country that Panama has signed an agreement to exchange tax information, is the United States of America. Although the agreement allows the exchange of information, this will only be carried out under the strictest security measures and complying with the provisions of the agreement, meaning that the U.S. authorities cannot request this information directly to the Panama Bank and they cannot require general information (for example they cannot require information of all Americans who has accounts in such bank) on the contrary, the person which are requesting information must have a proceeding already establish in the U.S,  the request must be made formally to the Panamanian tax authorities an it must be for a specific citizen, not general.

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Banks in Panama; Banking Security on a great investment environment

Due to the recent economic crisis which is occurring on a world wide scale, many recognized Banks from around the world have been affected and even the strongest of which have shown losses in their assets, undergone difficulties and have had to receive help from their governments or have been acquired by other banks. This added to other problems, such as the increasing pressure from the countries of the European Union and the United States of America, for banks in so called fiscal paradises such as Switzerland, to reveal the information and the identities of their clients, mainly due to fiscal reasons rather than proven criminal reasons, have made many people seek Banks outside of their countries, with banking systems that provide the financial and legal security that they need.

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