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What are the Benefits of Panamanian Private Foundations?

Ability to open corporate bank accounts or investment accounts in the foundation's name in Panama or any other country in the world.

Allows the owner of any real estate or other assets.

Private Interest Foundations  (PIF) can appear as shareholders of any company worldwide.

The perfect tool to protect and preserve family-related business and assets.

Through a Panamanian donation, you will be able to transfer the foundation’s assets to a third party without paying taxes for this act or without the need for judicial proceedings. (This only applies if the donations are from parents to children and vice versa and between spouses).

Guaranteed anonymity. With the nominee founder and nominee foundation council services, you will project the interested parties' identity.

Confidentiality. The law requires individuals working closely to maintain the secrecy of information obtained about the foundation's activities under penalty of criminal or monetary sanction.

You are not obliged to reveal either the protector's name or the beneficiary of the foundation in any public document.

Assets of the foundation compose a patrimony separate from the personal assets of the founder. Therefore, his personal obligations are not backed by the foundation assets; these cannot be impounded or confiscated, except for obligations acquired by the foundation itself.

A commercial license is not required to operate in or out of Panama.


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