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Organizing your Businesses through a Panamanian Corporation

Panamanian Corporations are a legal instrument that allows the adequate management of any assets that are destined to the business and fiscal planning of your companies.

Locally, the main advantage of corporations is that the shareholders are excluded from the personal responsibilities in the obligations of the company, maintaining their right to participation of the profits that the business may generate, but their largest advantage is observed in its use for international businesses, since Panama’s fiscal regime turns them in to excellent means for administration, with clear advantages in comparison to other instruments used in the business world.

Some of the main advantages offered by Panama Corporations as international commercial instruments are:

  • Fast incorporation without the need for the shareholders to be present
  • Competitive creation costs and yearly fees
  • They do not require the immediate payment of the declared capital
  • The Panama territorial tax regime makes activities of Panama Corporations exempt from paying taxes.
  • The shareholders maintain absolute control of the corporation through shareholders' meetings.
  • The registry of Shares are kept in  the private documents maintaining the corporate veil
  • The Panamanian activities of the company need not be declared, nor do they require the presentation of financial statements in Panama.

As we can see, due to its ease of management, its administrative versatility and the legal security of legislation that specializes in corporate matters and that has a low tax imposition which grants corporations a real degree of security for its shareholders as well as third parties that make commercial and financial transactions with Panamanian Corporations.

Using a Panamanian Corporation to administer your international businesses is currently the best decision that investors can make to protect their investment and it is the model which is recommended by the most recognized financial specialists of today

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