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How does a Panama IBC Work?

A Panama Company or also known as Panama International Business Company (IBC), because do not do business in Panama,  is a juridical person or legal entity created under the law's authority and capable of rights and obligations. It has a capital stock divided into shares, and stockholders are liable only to extend their contributions.

In Panama, Law 32 of 1927 regulates corporations. It offers favorable treatment for foreign investors interested in incorporating Panamanian Companies. The law allows the establishment of corporations by foreign nationals conducting business overseas.

At Delvalle Panama, we specialize in Panama based Panama legal services, including the setting up of:

  • Companies (S.A., Inc, Corp)
  •  Introduction to Bank Accounts
  •  Private Foundations (PIF)
  • Limited Liability Companies ( S de RL.)

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Advantages of forming Panama Offshore Companies


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