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 Panama Yacht Registration and Offshore Vessel InformationOffshore Vessels and Yacht Registration in Panama

Shipping companies have known for decades that Panama offers numerous advantages for offshore vessels. That's why more than 8,100 watercraft around the world are registered in Panama. This includes oil tankers, cargo ships, fishing boats, yachts, and many other types of vessels.

Panama's regulations and fees are so beneficial that more boats register in Panama than any other country in the world. Liberia comes a distant second with about 2,300 vessels.

Even when you count ships by tonnage, Panama comes out ahead. The vessels registered in Panama carry about 81 million tons of weight. That makes up almost 22 percent of all the watercraft and cargo tonnage in the world!

If your business wants to benefit from the advantages that so many other companies have used for years, then you will need to learn about offshore vessels and yacht registration.

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