Limited Liability Companies (LLCS)

Additional Costs and Handling

When you decide to open a Limited Liability Company (LLC) with our firm, you may opt for one of the following plans:

Click on the link To see what each plan includes:

Plan A:
Complete Limited Liability Company Package

Plan B:
Limited Liability Company + Nominal Managers

Plan C:
Limited Liability Company + Nominal managers + Bank Account in Panama

Plan D:
Limited Liability Company + Nominal Managers + Bank Account in Panama + Virtual Office Services

Additional Management

1.Assigning Nominal Managers.

2.Administrative Power of attorney in a Private Document: (Includes Stamps and Certifications – Does not include Courier).

3.Certificate indicating the Existence of the Corporation. (Includes Stamps and Certifications – Does not include Courier).

4.Minutes of a Partners or Board of Directors Meeting: (Includes stamps or certification and Courier)

5.Virtual Office Services for the Company.

Commercial address: We give your company a personalized commercial domicile taking care of your corporate image. So that you can use this domicile for your documents, name tags, presentation cards, and/or any other commercial-related purpose.

Telephone number: It includes a private telephone number to be able to answer all of the incoming calls for your company or commercial activities.

Over the Phone Secretary: Based on your instructions and the commercial activity that your company carries out over the phone secretary will act as your personal assistant and will answer all of your calls in the most professional manner during office hours (8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.)

Voice mail: We know how important it is for your Business to function 24 hours a day, so all of your messages during off-hours will be stored in your voice mail and retransmitted according to your instructions.

Fax Reception: We receive all of the faxes sent to you and forwarded according to your instructions. All of the faxes that are received will be sent to your e-mail instantly.

Commercial Correspondence management: With your personalized commercial address, your clients and providers will be able to drop off documents and correspondence at our front desk for you to pick up later and/or be forwarded according to your instructions and vice versa.

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