Permanent Resident Visa

Investor in Exportation Processing Zones

All of these visas give a right to indefinite permanence or “residence” in the National Panamanian Territory.

After a two (2) year term, the applicant may opt for a permanent residency, except for the cases in which the current regulations, special laws and agreements establish something different.

Any foreigner that proves to have invested an amount no less than two hundred and fifty thousand dollars (US$250,000.00) from another country, in a duly authorized company, as a promoter or operator of Exportation Processing Zones or in companies established in this area may apply for this visa. :

Police and Criminal Records, issued in the place of residence for the last two (2) years, duly stamped, sealed and authenticated by a Panamanian consulate.
Original passport with a minimum of 6 months left of validity.
Four (4) carnet sized pictures.
A certification proving the investment, issued by the National Direction of Promotion for Exportations of the Ministry of Commerce and Industries.
A certification issued by the promoter crediting the need for the permit justified by the study presented by the company.
A banking letter that specifies the source of the funds.

Other Visas:

Temporal Residents

Permanent Resident Visa

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