Immigration Services in Panama

Immigration Services in Panama

If you're planning on retire or just residing in Panama whether it is temporally or permanently or are thinking about making some sort of investment in our country, Delvalle & Delvalle can provide consulting in everything related to:

 Retiree and Pensionado Visas.

  Best ways of attainment  your Visa with the National Migration and Naturalization Service. Always offering the best advice in the type of visa that can better suit your needs. 

Sectors that are Attractive for Foreign Investment in Panama. Basing ourselves on the regulations applicable to foreigners that wish to invest in Panama.

The economic activities that are exclusive for national citizens and which are forbidden for foreigners.

Types of Visa:

There are different types of Visas in our migratory Law, depending on the amount of time that you plan on staying in Panama.

1.Temporal Residents

Personnel Hired as Executives for International Companies that carry out their Business abroad

Executives or Businessmen for the City of Knowledge Foundation

Personnel hired by a branch of a Multinational Company

2. Permanent Resident Visa

Investor of a Macro-Company

Self-Economic Solvency 

Retired investor

Retiree and Pensioner

Investor in Exportation Processing Zones

Over 10 years of experiences advising clients from all over the world.

10 años de experiencia

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