Temporal Residents:

Executives or Businessmen for the City of Knowledge Foundation

Foreigners that enter the national territory as an entrepreneur with the objective of helping in the development of the Project of the City of Knowledge Foundation may apply for this permit, as is stated in the Decree Law 6 of 1999.
This visa will be granted for a one (1) year term and can be extended for up to six (6) years.

Police and Criminal records, issued at the last place of residence for the last two (2) years duly sealed or authenticated by a Panamanian consulate.
Original passport with a minimum of 6 months left of validity.
Four (4) carnet sized pictures.
A certification or document issued in the country of origin that proves that he/she is suitable to be a teacher
A certification from the Executive Director of the City of Knowledge, in which it states the existence of the teaching centre, the job that will be carried out by the foreigner and how long he will stay in our country.
Letter of responsibility from the educational institution where it states the activity that the professor will be carrying out and the salary that will be received;
Affiliation voucher for the Caja de Seguro Social (Social Security) and a copy of the carnet (in the first application).

In case of dependents:
Marriage and birth certificates for any children under the age of twenty five (25) that depend on the applicant, duly sealed and authenticated by a Panamanian Consulate.
A letter of responsibility for the dependents. (Model provided by Delvalle & Delvalle).

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