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Panama Offshore Services

Panama Offshore services are an excellent way of protecting your privacy and your business. Are you interested in opening an offshore bank account or using other offshore banking services? Panama is the ideal jurisdiction for opening an account, forming an International Business Corporation (IBC). Services that may be offered offshore Panama include the formation of Companies such as S.A. or LLC, Private Foundations (PIF), Bank Accounts, and virtual offices.

Offshore International Business Corporations (IBC)

Panama offshore corporations are companies that don’t do significant business in Panama. These Offshore Panama corporations may also be known as offshore companies, International Business Companies (IBC), or non-resident companies. They are a great way of maintaining privacy and creating a subsidiary to receive payments. 

Offshore Bank Accounts

Panama Offshore bank accounts give financial access to politically and economically stable jurisdictions. That could be advantageous for those residing in areas where there is a risk of political turmoil who fear their assets may be frozen, seized, or disappear. In addition to stability, offshore banking services offer privacy and security. You can take advantage of offshore banking's additional privacy and security to explore investment opportunities throughout the global economy.

Offshore Private Foundations (PIF)

Panama offers Panama Private Interest Foundations (PIF). This is one of the most useful asset protection and estate planning vehicles in the world. The Panama Foundation is for people who wish to control and maintain ownership of foreign corporations but do not wish to do so directly due to the Controlled Foreign Corporation (CFC) rules in their home countries. Instead of holding the corporation’s shares in any form, they establish a Panama PIF, which holds or owns the shares of their foreign corporation. They have thus taken their name off the company, and it becomes completely anonymous.

Offshore Service Providers

If you are interested in opening an offshore bank account or availing of other offshore banking services, the first thing that you have to do is to find a reliable offshore service provider. There are two kinds of offshore service providers -- general and specialized providers. But what is an offshore service provider?

Offshore service providers are Panama companies that help you incorporate and registering an offshore business. These providers would also take care of offshore company administrative work, thus making sure the offshore company can maintain credibility and operation in the jurisdiction it’s registered in. In Panama, offshore services will provide you with a registered agent for your offshore company, follow up on review and renewal of the company's rules, and liaise between you and the Panamanian government. 

They may also provide optional services that you may choose to enhance the company’s functionality or privacy.

When choosing an offshore service provider, consider both their capability and the level of trust and transparency they will provide. They must not only be able to do the job but deal with you fairly and honestly.


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