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Advantages of Accounts

There are various reasons that people create accounts. The most common often involves protecting their assets from lawsuits. Using an account can also offer tax advantages and increased privacy. If you are wondering whether an account can benefit you, then you’ll need to know why many people choose Panamanian accounts instead of those located in their home countries.

What is a Panamanian Account?
An account is simply an account located in a country where you do not live. If you live in France, then you could choose the United States, Panama, England, or any other host country. The important thing to remember is that accounts cannot be located in your country of residence. They don’t have to be located on islands or coastlines, even though many people imagine these areas when they think of the word “offshore.” It simply means not located in your home country. The host could be just about anywhere. The benefits, however, greatly depend on which host country you choose.

Tax Advantages from Panamanian Accounts
Keeping your money in an account can have significant tax advantages. Individuals who use Panamanian accounts can usually reduce the amount of money that they give their federal and state governments each year. It does not, however, mean that you can avoid paying all taxes in your home country. Tax shelters are real money savers when used legally. But they can cost lots of money and jail time when used illegally. It is, therefore, important to make sure that you consult your lawyers about the appropriate uses of Panamanian accounts.

Privacy Advantages from  Panamanian Accounts
Increased privacy is probably the single most important reason that individuals choose Panamanian accounts. Countries like Panama have very strict privacy laws that prevent banks from giving information to outside parties. That means all of the assets kept in the account are secret. The only way that anyone can access your account information in Panama is if the government has serious reason to believe that you are breaking the law. As long as you stay on the right side of the law, though, you have nothing to worry about.

Why is privacy so important? It’s often a good way to protect your assets from litigious individuals. Panamanian accounts offer the same level of protection from business partners, family members, clients, and other individuals

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