How to Setup an Offshore Account

If you’ve been thinking about using an offshore account to help you protect your assets, then you’ll need to know the best way to go about setting one up. It’s extremely important to set up your offshore account properly. A single mistake could jeopardize the safety of your private information and assets. It’s always a good idea to seek legal advice from someone within the host country who has experience creating offshore accounts for people from your country of residence.

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Advantages of Offshore Accounts

There are various reasons that people create offshore accounts. The most common often involves protecting their assets from lawsuits. Using an offshore account can also offer tax advantages and increased privacy. If you are wondering whether an offshore account can benefit you, then you’ll need to know why many people choose offshore accounts instead of those located in their home countries.

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What is an Offshore Company & What are the Benefits?

If you are thinking about starting your own organization, then you might have considered the possibility of establishing it as an offshore company. An offshore company offers benefits that regular companies cannot match. Before you decide what kind of organization to establish, you should learn a bit about how starting an offshore company might benefit you.

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Banks in Panama; Banking Security on a great investment environment

Due to the recent economic crisis which is occurring on a world wide scale, many recognized Banks from around the world have been affected and even the strongest of which have shown losses in their assets, undergone difficulties and have had to receive help from their governments or have been acquired by other banks. This added to other problems, such as the increasing pressure from the countries of the European Union and the United States of America, for banks in so called fiscal paradises such as Switzerland, to reveal the information and the identities of their clients, mainly due to fiscal reasons rather than proven criminal reasons, have made many people seek Banks outside of their countries, with banking systems that provide the financial and legal security that they need.

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Tax Heavens?

Due to the growing world economic crisis, the major European countries have decided to take actions against the so called tax havens, requesting that those countries that are considered as such to regulate in a more reliable manner the laws that legalize this matter and to divulge information on people that have carried out offshore operations in their countries of origin. Countries such as Switzerland, Luxemburg, the principality of Andorra and others have been affected by these circumstances.

These major countries have also focused their attention on the Latin-American countries that are considered as tax havens and have applied pressure to their governments for them to comply with certain international cooperation rules and placing them in the so-called black lists if they don’t follow what is established by them.

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Free Trade Zones in Panama

Many clients frequently ask us which are the best way to establish a company in Panama, using Panama as a center or gateway to export their products to Central America, the Caribbean and Latin America, paying the least amount of taxes for importing and exporting, and thus make the best for their business.

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Delvalle & Delvalle online updated!

Always keen on optimizing its services and offer its clients the most practical solutions, Delvalle & Delvalle has performed an update on its web site that shows a more sophisticated image and adding multiple contact options.  The first thing that stands out in the new (it can also be accesed at is its more user firendly design, with a minimalist aesthetic so that every visitor feels comfortable browsing the web page and is able to find all the solutions he or she may need.

The page now offers contact forms in Word, PDF and online formats to solicit the Firm’s offshore private foundations and offshore company services.  It also provides a new 1800 toll free line so that Canadian and American residents can contact The Firm.

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